Sofa Legs


Company Profile
Mabson Industries was established in 1959. Producing quality products in bulk with strict eye on the quality assurance. We have the ability and expertise to meet the demand with required quality standards of our international buyers’ located world wide.

We are already manufacturing many types of Handles, Knobs, Hanging and Sofa Legs with Cushion Button Made of Original Brass with Antique, Bright & Dull Finish. We are able to manufacture any type of new items even on the required designs and specifications of customers.  Our products, being hand made, are very much liked by the users.

 All our products are being manufactured by highly skilled manpower, which compete with the international products.

Each Product is identified in its individual capacity and all its processes for the production, finishing, packaging, development and transport are established from the quality control point of view.

Main Product Lines

We are manufacturer all kinds of: -

Sword, Daggers, Kitchen Knives, Hunting Knives, Pocket Knives, Fishing Knives and Sporting Knives, Table Cutlery and Cutlery Sets etc

Furniture Handles, Knobs, Puller and Hanging made of original brass with antique finish Italian designs, Italian Stuff Sofa Legs, Sofa leather Cushion and Steal Cushion Button with quality products on best prices.

Agriculture Tools

Axe head, crow bar, mammary fork, hoes, garden shears, shovel, garden rakes.


Being an ISO 9001 certified Company all management responsibilities and quality objective are defined or documented.

Mabson Industries employee is responsible to ensure complete satisfaction of consumers in each item produced by our Factory. 

Quality Policy

  1. We must never compromise on quality.

  2. Our aim is to ensure that our products must be defect free and to be delivered within time.

  3. Child Labor is not employed in our factory.

  4. Our quality depends on each of our employees, who must, therefore, remain in complete harmony with our company's beliefs, values, goals, and accomplishments.


Before going a job an elaborated contract review is done to ensure adequate availability of capacity, Raw Materials and Technology.  Proper time frame is defined to ensure in time consignment delivery.  Delivery assurance by carrying adequate raw material located in the largest industrial state in Pakistan and easy access to rail route or Air link.  

 All of our products are being exported to USA, U.K, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, KSA, Australia and European countries etc.

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